Payment Options

Direct Debit

Have payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account. To setup automatic account withdraws, contact our Customer Service Department at 419-636-1117 or 800-331-7396. Alternatively, you may submit an email request for a Customer Service Representative to contact you about setting up automatic account withdraws, Or CLICK HERE to fill out a secure form and submit it to Ohio Gas. Once direct payment is setup, you will still receive your monthly bill prior to the due date, and then payment will be automatically deduct on the date due.

First Billing Services

First Billing Services is offering payment by checking account, savings account, credit, and debit card payment services to Ohio Gas Company Customers. First Billing Services is charging a service fee for you to use this service. A fee of $2.75 will be charged for each credit or debit card transaction. A fee of $1.50 will be charged for each checking or savings account transaction. There is a limit of $1,000.00 for each credit and debit card transaction and a limit of $5,000.00 for each checking or savings account transaction. If you are making a payment in excess of this, you will need to make multiple payments with each one receiving a transaction fee. If you are interested in using this service there are three different ways to use this service.

Call Ohio Gas Company at 800-331-7396 or 419-636-1117 to make a payment
Call First Billing Services at 877-978-2295
Or Click Here to make a payment through First Billing Services.

If you call First Billing Services at 877-978-2295 or use the website link to pay your gas bill after 4:30 p.m., on a holiday or on the weekend, it will take 2 business days before the payment will be posted to your gas account. Any customer in danger of disconnection must call into our office during business hours (prior to your disconnection date) with the amount paid and your confirmation number, in order to avoid disconnection of gas service.

Mail Payment

Send your payment (no cash and please include the stub portion of your bill) to billing by using the provided envelope, addressed to:

Ohio Gas Company
PO Box 49370
San Jose, CA 95161-9370

Payment Help

If you are having difficulty paying your gas bill we can help you.