Notice of Service Termination - Non-payment Disconnection of Gas Service


Avoiding disconnection can be achieved by contacting Ohio Gas Company, prior to the disconnect date and making payment arrangements. Avoiding disconnection of gas service can also be achieved by paying the past-due amount or by showing proof that the past-due amount was paid.


During the winter heating season (November 1 through April 15) Ohio Gas Company will mail all 10 Day-Disconnect Notices prior to termination of service for non-payment. This notice details the scheduled date service may be terminated and how to avoid disconnection of service. During the non-heating season (April 16 through October 31), no separate notification will be sent or delivered prior to disconnection of gas service for non-payment. The delinquent gas bill will state on it if the balance forward is not paid by due date the service may be in danger of disconnection. THIS IS THE ONLY NOTIFICATION A CUSTOMER WILL HAVE PRIOR TO DISCONNECTION FOR NON-PAYMENT OF THE GAS BILL DURING THE NON-HEATING SEASON.

If the property owner is responsible for paying the gas bill at a single-metered building servicing two or more customers, and Ohio Gas Company has been made aware this is a multi-customer dwelling; at least ten days prior to the termination of gas service each tenant will be notified of an impending disconnection.


Ohio Gas Company will leave a notice at the customer’s home to inform that gas service has been disconnected. Arrangements to have gas service restored can be done by contacting an Ohio Gas Company customer service representative using the phone number on the notice.

Prior to gas service being restored the customer will be required to pay the past due balance and a reconnection fee. A security deposit may also be required.

Gas service can be restored the same day a customer contacts customer service for reconnection if the following conditions are met:

• Gas service has been disconnected less than 10 business days

• A call is made to a customer service representative requesting connection of gas service before 12:30 p.m.

• Payment arrangements have been made with a customer service representative and the agreed amount has been paid by either money order or certified check

• An adult over the age of 18 is at the service location for the Ohio Gas Company service technician to access the structure to light and pressure-check the fuel lines. Ohio Gas Company must have received the required payment amount by either money order or certified check prior to our service technician completing required service work.

• Your gas has been disconnected less than 10 business days.

(If your gas has been off over 10 business days, service will be restored within 2 days, excluding company holidays and week-ends.)